Hydraulic power units integrate all the required elements to supply a flow of hydraulic fluid under pressure to the system or directly to the actuators.

Atos currently supply both standard power packs or special customized units, with power ranging from 0, 4 to 400KW and tank's capacity from 5 to 5000 litres or more. Modular subplates or customized blocks, with the relevant controls, are assembled into the units to fulfill the desired hydraulic circuit. All units are tested and ready to use. Main shapes of standard power packs are:
  • ASM - AST pump submerged & vertical-horizontal motor.
  • ASV - ASA horizontal pump & motor over tank or ASF under tank or ASJ beneath tank.

Atos offer thier specific experience to realize oil-hydraulic installations for any application, together with: filtering units, framework units, servoactuators, testing benches, commissioning of complete installations.

Standard Power Packs

Standard GT-90 Test Stand

Power Pack with Oil-Submersed Motor

Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit for 200 Ton Press Machine


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