Induction Hard Chrome Rod Size : 20mm to 100mm

Precision Hard Chrome Plated Rod Size : 8mm to 120 mm

Precision Hydraulic Hone Tube or Barrel Size : 30 mm ID to 400 mm ID

Hoyea Solenoid Valve

Hoyea Solenoid Valve

Pressure Switch

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder for Palm Oil Mill

200 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder

100 Ton Hydraulic Four Column Press Machine

Bush Fitting Machine. With Precision Load Cell Reading and Linear Reading. (Hydraulic C-Frame Press)

400 Ton Hydraulic Four Column Press. Table Size : 2000mm x 3000mm

Hydraulic Scrap Compactor.(Baler) For Scrap Paper and Plastic Bag/Bottles.

Hydraulic Fenced Baler For Clothing. (Textile)


Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit for 200 Ton Press Machine

Standard Power Packs

100 Ton Tensile Stress Machine

Cardboard Bundle Machine

Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

Uncoiler, Coil Car and Upender

6 Ton Decoiler

5 Ton Uncoiller & Coil Car

150 Ton H-Frame Press. (Suitable for Breaking Engine Block)

120 Ton Hydraulic Hot Press Machine

250 Ton Hydraulic Hot Press Machine

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